Matthew Mustac — Architectural Designer based in Hudson Valley, NY

Alfred Paper + Packaging Research Center

Individual Design Project

This field of study aims to create new and better quality papers and cardboards for use in daily life, notably in the field of packaging sciences.

Alfred, New York is surrounded by agriculture that can provide a more than suitable amount of bio-wastes, like corn husks, for use in research and development of alternative means of paper and cardboard production. As such, the connection between architecture and site becomes strengthened, as the greater context of the building’s location becomes its main source of life and its reason for being.

The spatial layout of the design is influenced by the process of papermaking and its related fields while the form is influenced by the site geometry. The processes of extrusion, thermoforming, and molding serve to create an organizational language of interior spaces while their orientation works with the natural shape of the topography to visually connect the interior spaces to the exterior site as often as possible. The interconnectivity between interior and exterior creates a dialogue between building and site that establishes the building’s place in its new environment.

DateJanuary – May 2018

Exterior Rendering // Conceptual Sketches

Floor Plans & Building Code Analysis

Site Plan

Exterior Rendering // Accessible Parking Diagram

Sustainable Systems Diagram

Building Section // Structural Details

Wall Sections and Details

Exploded Axonometric // Detail Wall Section

Interior Rendering (Administration & Edu. Suite)

Interior Rendering (Atrium Space)

Interior Rendering (Assembly Space)

Massing Model Exploration

Structural Model Exploration